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DHL software and service options

DHL is a German-owned global brand that serves 220 countries and territories worldwide. Originally founded in San Francisco over fifty years ago, Deutsche Poste began to acquire shares in the company in 1998. The headquarters are now in Bonn, Germany, with the company having one of the largest distribution networks of any carrier.

DHL Express and economy services are available worldwide, making them one of the leading choices for eCommerce retailers who want to get their goods out to customers quickly and affordably.

The company has a vast range of services which make international postage simple, with a particular specialism in Import and Export services. DHL are able to clear over 95% of goods through customs during travel which makes them a reliable choice for those on a short deadline and explains why the company can guarantee next day delivery to a massive range of locations across Europe and America.

DHL software includes electronic billing and MyDHL+, which allows you to get quotes, view delivery options, schedule pickups and send and receive notifications from the DHL app or web browser account. The DHL website also includes a lot of helpful shipping advice on surcharges, packaging and the shipment of dangerous or time-sensitive products.

DHL integration: making it work for your business

Many companies use DHL for international and rapid shipments, but for day-to-day or national deliveries, they may not be the cheapest available mail delivery solution provider. Unfortunately, trying to find the best prices and services for your eCommerce store can result in serious problems for your back-office systems.

Many eShop retailers find that every time they want to switch their distributor, they have to pay for costly development to align the API with their systems. Not only can this be expensive, but it can also take months to complete. Meanwhile, this delay completely removes the possibility to respond to changing market conditions rapidly, or take advantage of a short-term price offer and can impact the competitiveness of your business. Courier API was established to address this problem and make sure that UK businesses have courier management software that works to increase your effectiveness and save you time and money.

API is a great help to businesses, allowing you to interact with remote servers; ensure the technology works for you (rather than costing you money) by investing in Courier API’s integration. Join one of the thousands of eCommerce businesses that have already printed over 40 million deliver labels using our flexible and fully customisable auto-generation technology.


It’s simple – time, money and improved service for customers. Instead of wasting money on establishing individual API integration with all of the different courier APIs, we allow you to integrate with over forty of the leading postal delivery providers including DHL, Royal Mail FedEx, Hermes and many more. You can incorporate your systems with any carrier by simply logging on with your account credentials to Courier API, and we do the rest.

It is not just the flexibility that Courier API provides; it is the significant business advantages that our functionality offers that makes us so popular with eCommerce retailers. For example, our DHL connection means that you have a shipping API that will collaborate with your systems and help you reduce the time it takes to finalise orders across different carriers using a centralised interface. For example, you can set up courier service presets that will enable you to select your preferred options for deliveries instantly.

Additionally, you can access DHL price quoting system in collaboration with those from all of the other major mail delivery suppliers. Label generation and address inputs can all be automated and completed centrally, saving you time navigating between different portals and giving you full control over your order and tracking systems. Make the most of DHL software while simultaneously retaining the flexibility to switch to other carriers instantly. Our shipping software was created for developers, by developers making it industry-leading and giving you access to our seasoned experts. They can support you to realise your business goals and improve your efficiency.

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