Hermes Corparate Integration

Hermes Corparate

Hermes Link for businesses

Hermes are a well-known brand and market leader in the UK for e-commerce deliveries. Wholly owned by Advent (75% shareholder) and the Otto group (25% shareholder) after an acquisition of 75% by Advent in August 2020 – Hermes have solidified themselves as one of Europe’s most recognisable and affordable transport and delivery service providers. Commercial clients in the UK include a plethora of online retailers such as Sports Direct, TopShop and Uniqlo, plus they are a recommended carrier with eBay.

Hermes product offering is broadly split into packets and parcels. Both services – packets and parcels – have similar dimensions but are capped at 2kg and 15kg respectively. Hermes runs a network of over 10,000 couriers on either a contract or lifestyle basis, operates 4,500 parcel shops, and they are estimated to handle over 245 million parcels per year in the UK alone.

Hermes Integration

Hermes are predominantly a B2C courier, with drivers serving small postcode areas with a focus on delivering multiple parcels to each home from a wide range of retailers. While the company has been at the centre of a few controversies over recent years, they remain a popular choice for businesses looking for a cheap and flexible delivery service. Nevertheless, due to Hermes’ localised service with standards and availability varying across the UK, many clients may prefer to use Hermes in conjunction with other couriers.

For eCommerce businesses, juggling the online platforms of multiple postal delivery channels can prove problematic. Securing integration service between different carriers online requires complicated technical intervention due to the complexity of the shipping software. In many cases, eCommerce distributors will need a web developer to manually adapt the shipping API to make their website compatible with an additional courier management software. This process can be costly – running into many thousands of pounds each time it is required for a new shipping and transport company. Even worse, the process can take months – removing the ability for eShops to adapt rapidly to changing market conditions and adjust their business priorities accordingly.

Hermes Corparate

Hermes API made simple

Courier API provides all of the services that Hermes offer through their Business and Corporate APIs – and more. Many courier services have designed their own APIs for their clients, but they only allow your website and marketplace accounts to connect with their proprietary software.

Courier API is a game-changer because it is a simple to use and install technology which completely removes the need for costly standalone development integration. With Courier API your account with Hermes Link with no fuss to over forty supported couriers on the Courier API. Our mission is to help small and medium-size businesses maximise their revenue and reduce their costs. Our system is fully customisable, and our experienced developers provide tailored solutions so that your Hermes tracking system and Hermes tracking system is fully synchronised with your other online platforms.

Why invest in Hermes Integration?

Running an online business comes with plenty of challenges. For many companies, providing a flexible service for customers is paramount. What we offer eCommerce businesses is a cost-effective way to centralise their shipping APIs. Staying in control of your orders, inventory and deliveries is an integral part of the smooth running of any commercial company – but that can be complicated when companies want to take advantage of Hermes as well as services offered by other couriers. Our software allows Hermes Solution to be fully integrated with other carriers – such as Royal Mail, FedEx, DHL and the majority of the national and international couriers operating in the UK. Couriers tend to specialise, so being able to anticipate the shipping needs of your customers is a critical competitive advantage.

Hermes API via Courier API provides that advantage with a wide range of features aiming to give your eCommerce store full control over your processes and facilitate automation – tools available include multi-label generation options, advanced customer data security and cutting-edge rapid courier realignment technology. If you are interested in improving your shipping functionality and saying goodbye to ongoing developer integration costs, contact us today and find out more about Courier API’s courier management software. Join one of the thousands of online stores that have already switched to integrate Hermes software in a way that works for your business.

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