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Offering Import, Export, Domestic and eCommerce solutions - Norsk is a wholesaler with a vast reach. Norsk is a global brand with over 25 year’s experience and specialist departments such as High Street Retail, Visual Merchandising and Returns that are all popular with the ever-expanding UK eCommerce market.

Norsk has particular expertise in USA eCommerce solutions, offering a very time-and-price competitive advantage over many of their international competitors. The company runs three hubs at Heathrow, Manchester and East Midlands airports to facilitate their international air freight shipping. The company also delivers warehousing and fulfilment services. Clients can track all consignments and get real-time updates online.

One of the attracted elements of Norsk as a courier service is the high-specification technical solutions that are all managed in-house. The company provides cutting edge EDI and API solutions that interface seamlessly with eCommerce websites to give you instant access to your shipments and delivery data.

Making Norsk Connection work for your eCommerce

Norsk provides its own software for customers, including an API to enable smooth linkages between their website and your platform. Unfortunately, the technology only integrates directly to Norsk software and can need development support to establish. It’s always a hassle having to get external help – especially if it slows down your business and prevents you from lowering your margins.

For most eCommerce businesses, Norsk will be best used as one of a plethora of carrier options, their specialism in international services being used in conjunction with others such as Yodel, Royal Mail or Hermes that have affordable domestic prices. Norsk is most competitive for international deliveries, particularly pan-continental and American shipments. As you may want to choose a more cost-effective postal delivery service for packages to be sent domestically or to avail of specific mail deals – this leaves many companies in a difficult situation. That is because the integration of multiple couriers into your online space requires specific development intervention that can be costly.

Many eCommerce enterprises will require API development support to access multiple mail delivery solutions online. Norsk management software integration will be needed to swap from a different courier – and this can take considerable time to develop depending on your system and is an unnecessary expense – particularly hard on small businesses. That leaves firms facing a hard choice, trying to run their shipments offline to avoid the headache-creating additional paperwork and effort or having to restrict your business to using only one carrier and losing the flexibility and price points that other couriers can offer.


Norsk Integration made simple

Courier API works with eCommerce companies who want access to one of the 44 carriers that our API integrates with to get the best value for their customers. Our straightforward API shipping software uses a REST API-based system which enables your eShop to add shipping functionality instantly via our interface. Swapping to a new courier is hassle-free, and our team provide advice, support and expertise to ensure you don’t waste any time setting up your systems to function in a fraction of the time individual integrations would take. We have thousands of customers using our service to build their business potential successfully.

Courier API gives you a complete solution for your Norsk API, as well as with many of the UK’s best-known delivery companies including Royal Mail, DHL, TNT, UPS, Amazon Shipping and many others. We are continually adding new carriers to our roster, so check in with us if you don’t see your postal solution provider on our list – it may be on its way! Rather than developing independent API integration for the courier platforms, your eCommerce business requires, our adaptable API manages all of your business requirements as well as integrates your workflows with Norsk shipping management software.

After signing up with Courier API, your business will instantly access extensive shipping functionality with Norsk and many other delivery and distribution software providers. Courier API automates delivery services by letting your online store determine shipping rules in advance that are then applied to all your deliveries, based on the dimensions, weight or value of the parcel or even the recipient’s location.

Courier management software with Courier API is easy to use. It saves your company time – for example, we provide data format interface that standardises inputs for use across all carriers, whether it is Norsk or another carrier. Courier API automatically translates data and shares it with each courier in the required format, that means less administration for your business and managing different portals. And that’s not all – with an intelligent address formatting software your business can say goodbye to incorrect delivery addresses (domestic or international) hindering your reputation for smooth delivery.

Useful courier service presets, fast commercial invoice generation, and so much more are all available with our innovative software. Find out why thousands of companies have printed over 40 million labels via Courier API and see if it is time for you to integrate with Courier API. Contact our team today to find out more about our service or try a free demo.

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