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Transglobal Express

About Transglobal Express

Transglobal Express was incorporated in 1993. They have grown exponentially over the last twenty years to become one of the UK’s leading international package delivery and shipment providers. They provide air freight, sea freight and international courier solutions as well as working as freight forwarders in over 220 countries. Headquartered in Bromborough and with over 150,000 global customers for whom they are able to offer reduced-price import to the UK from overseas, Transglobal Express is a trusted partner for eCommerce businesses both large and small.

Transglobal Express is a multi-channel operator, partnering with international carriers like DHL, TNT and UPS. They claim to be able to offer as much as 70% discount as compared to their major competitors due to their high volume parcel delivery. The company also offers fulfilment warehousing services, as well as distribution and brokerage options for wholesale clients.

Transglobal Express Connection

Transglobal Express customers will ideally seek to integrate the server with their broader warehouse, accounting and other systems. However, the founders of Despatch Cloud found that this type of integration requires costly development - that means time and money. In response, we developed Courier API.

Courier API allows for standardised label generation, tracking of shipments and automated and smart formatting of addresses. Once you have signed up, you no longer need to build and maintain a courier integration with Transglobal Express, nor with over 40 other carriers. It’s all set up and ready for you.

Transglobal Express

Transglobal Express Integration

Our interface is easy to use and includes automated commercial invoice generation and report creation so you can track your all-important business data. Best of all, you can guarantee that you will get the best price for your deliveries every time.

Your data is fully protected and encrypted with AES256 encryption technology. Additionally, we only use reliable ISO 27001 certified data centres so you and your customers’ data is always fully secure.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the testimonials from some of our thousands of satisfied customers. Contact us to find out how Courier API can save your eCommerce store time and money.

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