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We don’t want to bore you with any more details of what we do and how we do it, if you’ve made it to this page, you must already have an idea of all the useful features Courier API has to offer and how well it can cater to all your shipping needs. Instead, we want this page to be the place where we give you an insight of who we are and why we think we understand you better than any of our competitors.

So, what is Despatch Cloud?

Despatch Cloud is a market-leading innovator in multi-channel warehouse management, with a core focus on eCommerce. Having more than ten years of experience working with third-party logistics and eCommerce sellers, we know, by first-hand experience, what matters to businesses with a warehouse operation.

The story behind the success of our powerful network lies in our decades of experience in eCommerce, backed by our sister company encompassing a 250,000 sq. ft. warehouse based in Yorkshire, where Despatch Cloud gets to see on a day-to-day basis the challenges faced in this continually evolving arena. We are inspired by these challenges, and we know how to use them to improve our services and reach more customers.

We're in the same boat.

Having access to such a warehouse means Despatch Cloud can run live tests of our innovations in real-time to make sure they are fit for purpose as well as using the facility as a showcase of our platform. This is how Despatch Cloud defies failure; we will never offer our clients anything we’re not happy with. Real-life tests are one of our many strengths and just another aspect that makes us unique.

Courier API from Despatch Cloud

What started out to be an internally built system to be used only by the Despatch Cloud product itself, has soon become a popular, individual product chased by worldwide eCommerce giants in the market. Courier API is currently the star product of our product range and it powers over 500,000 labels monthly for an extensive network of carriers on a monthly basis for hundreds of companies and brands.

Only after a few months of launching Courier API, Despatch Cloud, by integrating Amazon Shipping with Courier API, gained exclusive partnership with Amazon Shipping in the beginning of 2020 and became one of five integrated Amazon Shipping partners. And by June 2020, Courier API hit 30 couriers, bringing these services to our customers’ fingertips and adding new ones every month.

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