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Generate Labels with
API Requests

Our simple single-format REST API integration makes it easy to integrate your application into Courier API. Once you've signed up with us and your application is integrated into Courier API, you will be ready to create courier labels for over 40 couriers.

Generate Labels with API Requests

Courier & Customer Data

Being involved in eCommerce shouldn’t have to mean your privacy is at stake. That is why Courier API was built with data security in mind from day one. We respect customer confidentiality and use world class AES-256 encryption to encrypt sensitive data such as your account details and shipper credentials as well as multi-factor authentication based on the recommendations of the cyber security experts in our team.

 Courer & Customer Data Ecryption

We designed our product with
developers in mind.

Courier API is a service from developers for developers. Our developer friendly REST API based system allows you to add shipping functionality easily without having to worry about complex carrier APIs and protocols that vary from carrier to carrier.

Thanks to our flexible API, all your specific requirements and workflows will be covered in a fraction of the development time you would normally spend to integrate with each carrier separately. All you need to do is connect your carriers, and leave it with us to maintain the integrations for you.

We design our product with developers in mind

Multi-Label Options

Courier API is also flexible when it comes to meeting your label requirements. Our system is not only compatible with the most popular and standardised S17, S19, 6x4 and 8x4 labels, but it also allows users to customise their labels to their needs. It features bulk shipping label generation and printing as well as label generation via CSV uploads.

S17, S19, 6x4 & 8x4 labels supported.

Multi-Label Options
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Set Up Services in Seconds with
Courier Service Presets

All our courier integrations come with a wide range of service options including but not limited to the most popular ones such as POD, Saturday delivery or next day delivery. These are previously included in our system, so, you don’t have to find the service codes or add them in to your own account. All you need to do is choose your favourite ones, and your parcel will go with the service of your choice.

Set Up Services in Seconds with Courier Service Presets

Intelligent Address

Verify domestic and international address accuracy before the label is generated and prevent failed deliveries due to the delivery address being incorrect.

Moreover, going off the beaten track, we offer this feature for free for all our users to get them one step closer to improving their deliverability, therefore customer satisfaction rates.

Address 1
Address 2
Country Not Detected ?
 Intelligent Address Formatting
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Speak to an Expert

Contact us for more information and one of our team will get in touch with you shortly for a comprehensive demo of our system.

40,000,000+ labels produced

Courier API from Despatch Cloud is used across the globe to produce labels for some of the biggest international shippers.

40,250,000+ labels produced

Comprehensive Request & Response Logs

Don’t let errors surprise you and instead, catch them red-handed! Our advanced request and response logging system will allow you to track all your account activities and it ensures the early detection and prevention of any errors that can interfere with your shipping process.

Comprehensive Request & Response Logs
Comprehensive Request & Response Logs

Smart Commercial Invoice

Shipping internationally? Import and export processes are no longer a hassle when you can generate your commercial invoices automatically and at the same time as your API requests. Since the data for it is fetched directly from the system, combined with the Intelligent Address Formatting feature, your parcels will not only be customs-checks-proof, but they will also be destined for the right direction.

Smart Commercial Invoice Generation
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Standardised API Input/Output
for All Couriers

With our single, standard API data format, you can’t get it wrong. Don’t worry about finding the right way to send data to each courier, or trying to figure out what comes back; because Courier API has got that for you. All you need to do is enter the right values and Courier API will convert it for each courier into what and how they want it.

Standardised API Input/Output for All Couriers

Courier Service Rules

Ever feel like assigning a service option to each parcel is a loss of time? Every rose has its thorn, but this doesn’t have to be the case with Courier API. Courier API automates delivery service selection by allowing you to predefine shipping rules based on the dimensions, weight or value of your parcel or the area it is headed to. Once you have determined these rules, Courier API will automatically assign the most appropriate service for you.

Courier Service Rules
Courier Service Rules