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Amazon Services Europe is a courier solutions provider operating across the continent. Headquartered in Luxembourg, Amazon Services Europe is one of the largest and most dominant delivery brands operating. With extensive networks and infrastructure in Germany, Sweden, France, Italy and Spain, they are a trusted partner for many online retailers.

Many eCommerce sites use Amazon to market and sell their products and services. You can list on multiple Amazon sites via Amazon Services Europe. Amazon Services Europe works with subsidiaries including;, and Amazon Services Europe will list your products, promote them and provide courier services via Amazon Fulfilment if required. However, Amazon product sellers can choose to use a different shipment service if preferred.

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It is common for online sellers to use multiple marketplaces. While customers widely use Amazon across Europe, other channels like Etsy and eBay are also popular. Plus, while selling directly or through different channels, you may use various courier services. Typically, eCommerce retailers find that couriers specialise in particular geographic areas (local, national or international) or offer specific package sizes or special offers. To maintain profitability and provide the best possible services to customers, managing multiple channels makes business sense. But monitoring different accounts can quickly become an administrative headache.

Courier API allows for a rapid business alignment with multiple channels simultaneously. Our interface has been designed to enable your business data from Amazon Services Europe to be combined and managed centrally with your other company portfolios. We use industry-recognised encryption services built on servers certified across all the major industry standards including; SOC 1, Type II, SOC 2 Type II, ISO/IEC 27001, and PCI-DSS. Our developers have designed a system that protects your business and our customers' data as standard.

Amazon Services

Amazon Services Integration

Our shipping functionality allows you to speed up orders and significantly reduce the time to deliver consignments. Delivery labels can be formatted and set up for print automatically - either local or international - and our customers report that tracking orders become far more responsive when delivery data can be tracked and managed at a touch of a button. Amazon Service Europe integration with your business needs becomes seamless and far more effective.

Find out how Courier API can improve your relationship with Amazon Services Europe - as well as dozens of other carriers.

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