Asendia Intégration


About Asendia

Asendia was founded in 2012 by La Poste and Swiss Post. They have operations across the UK and internationally. Asendia has considerable experience and can offer customers a wealth of international and local expertise and a network that delivers to over 200 countries and territories. Asendia has more than 1,500 workers globally and a European headquarters in Ireland. While initially specialising in mail delivery, the company has switched its focus over the last few years to delivering tailored courier solutions for the growing eCommerce market.

Many eCommerce companies choose Asendia because of their global reach. With hubs in Delhi, Hong Kong and Singapore and thirty others, they can deliver millions of packages each month at affordable prices. Asendia tracking system enables sellers to keep up to date with their delivery status and communicate with customers wherever they are in the world.

Asendia Connection

Asendia has a number of strategic partnerships that make their offering to online sellers difficult to match. They have had a controlling stake in Dublin-based eshopworld since 2017. Eshopworld is an eCommerce software specialist which offers payment and language localisation packages for eSellers. They also own UK based wnDirect and Globegistics founded in the US. They offer software that can help retailers to improve their customs clearance processes and facilitate streamlined returns systems.

Courier API can help you to improve the functionality of Asendia integration with your broader business systems. Many eCommerce businesses report problems with seamless management of their delivery tracking and price quoting facilities across multiple carriers. Asendia customers will often combine their services with other local postal delivery companies to offer more affordable nationwide delivery rates. But connecting numerous shippers can cause confusion and lead to additional administration - and even system blockages - without customised integration.


Asendia Integration

We offer low-cost integration for all the primary carrier services (including Royal Mail, Hermes, TNT and many others) that link with your existing systems. Customer satisfaction and speed are increasingly crucial in a competitive marketplace, which is why we design our systems to allow you to adapt instantly to couriers whenever your business priorities demand it.

Our services include; unified tracking across multiple channels, customisable label generation, world-class business and customer security and a REST API-based system that allows retailers to quickly and easily combine multiple shipping channels to your platform. Don't take our word for it - check out the company owners' testimonials who already use Courier API to standardise their operations.

We aim to save customers time and money and improve Asendia connection to your business needs. Contact us for a free demo to find out how we can revolutionise courier management software for you and your team. We have a wide range of pricing plans to suit every business.

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