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Deutsche Post

About Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post is a member of the DHL Group. They are one of the world's premier logistics companies operating both across Europe and globally. With over half a million employees in its global networks and expertise in haulage, air freight and shipping – Deutsche Post is trusted by millions of customers each year to deliver mail, packages and other items across the world.

With such a global reach, it's no wonder that Deutsche Post is a trusted partner for companies keen to get their products to customers as efficiently and affordably as possible. Nevertheless, most commercial customers would choose to use Deutsche Post's services in collaboration with other couriers more focussed on the UK market where possible. For eCommerce retailers, combining carriers with international expertise with others that specialise in localised delivery guarantees the best value for your business and the quickest delivery to your customers.

Deutsche Post Connection

Deutsche Post aims primarily at the German market, but with international shipping options available. Deliveries can be booked online in a few minutes. Plus, Deutsche Post has a courier API function. API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is software companies build for their customers or internal use. An API is the part of the server that receives requests and sends responses. It allows your web pages to interact directly with Deutsche Post. This will enable data to be shared quickly and improves efficiency, particularly for businesses.

So what's the problem? Like many parts of the online world, the development of this integration costs money and takes time. Courier API was set up to address this very problem. Our developers spoke to hundreds of business owners who wanted Deutsche Post connection but were put off by the high cost of development or had concerns about internet security. And so, Courier API was born. A ground-breaking innovation in API server performance. Put simply we allow for a safe and secure Deutsche Post link with your website. But that's not all. We also integrate with many other courier providers, including Royal Mail, Hermes, Yodel, DHL and many others.

Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post Integration

This can help your business in multiple ways. Once you have signed up with us, you can access various carriers via our centralised interface. You can then create labels for shipping for any postal solutions company from one standard form. Our customers report this saves considerable time in order processing. Not only that, but our innovative technology automatically checks for errors in address formatting. Of course, you can also access all your courier information from one window, making tracking and data management infinitely easier than across multiple platforms. Our courier management system is designed to track from the moment of dispatch to delivery.

Most importantly, your privacy is fully protected. Customer confidentiality is paramount, which is why we built our systems with AES-256 encryption to protect sensitive data such as personal information. We also offer multi-factor authentication as standard. Your information will be safer stored with us than via Deutsche Post's third-party system.

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