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About DPD software and services

DPD is one of the most trusted couriers in Europe, a subsidiary of DPDgroup, that delivers over five million parcels to households and businesses worldwide every day. Headquartered in France and operated by the French state-owned La Poste, DPD is synonymous with excellence and pride themselves on reliable service into Europe and beyond.

Delivery with DPD is available seven days a week, making it a popular choice for eCommerce home delivery services. The company has a number of industry-leading technological advancements that are popular with customers; these include the ability to make ‘in-flight’ changes to deliveries after shipments have been sent out which can be completed using the DPD app. The DPD tracking system is state-of-the-art and provides delivery email and text notifications as standard and includes up to £50 insurance incorporated free of charge as standard.

Making DPD Connection work for your business

Like many shipping companies, DPD provides its own software for customers, including an API to facilitate better communication between their platform and yours. That works well if your company only has one carrier and only needs to use DPD management software – but what if you want to use multiple courier services?

As many eCommerce retailers know, postal and deliveries companies often have specialisms. DPD has affordable delivery options, particularly for pan-European logistics. However, there are other postal companies that may be more cost-effective for packages or offer specific bulk mail deals. Some carrier businesses may have a good reputation in particular locations that your eShop may want to take advantage of or even a special offer for a limited time. So what’s the problem? Unfortunately, the integration of multiple couriers is not so straight forward for many online businesses.

Most companies need sustained API support to access multiple postal carriers online. The necessary DPD management software integration to swap from a different courier can take months to develop and is very costly – particularly for microbusinesses and SMEs. You may love the service that DPD offers but want to combine it with other postal and logistics solutions and find yourself having to make a considerable financial and time investment to do so smoothly.


DPD Integration made simple

Courier API works with businesses who often use multiple carriers to get the best deals on price and service. Our simple API shipping software uses a REST API-based system which allows your eCommerce store to add shipping functionality with a click of a button. Switching to a new carrier can be done in a few seconds, and our expert developers are on hand to provide customisable solutions for your business and the highest quality service.

What will my business gain from DPD Link with Courier API?

With Courier API you get the complete solution for your DPD API needs, as well as with all of the UK’s major carriers including Royal Mail, Hermes, FedEx, Yodel and many others. Instead of having to develop custom-built API integration for the courier platforms your eShop relies on, our flexible API covers all of your business requirements and integrates your workflows with DPD shipping management software.

Once you have signed up with Courier API, you can benefit from extensive shipping functionality with DPD as well as with many other shipping software providers. Courier API automates delivery services by allowing your eShop to determine shipping rules in advance that are then applied to all your deliveries, based on the dimensions, weight or value of the parcel or even the recipient’s location.

Courier management software with Courier API is simple to use. It saves your company time – for example, we provide a standard data format that is applicable across all carriers, including DPD. Courier API automatically translates data and shares it with each courier in the required form, meaning less time spent on administrative processes and juggling multiple platforms. Plus, our intelligent address formatting software means you never have to worry about incorrect delivery addresses slowing down your processing times.

Seamless commercial invoice generation, courier service presets and much more are all available with our industry-leading software. Why not join one of the thousands of companies who have integrated Courier API into their organisations – and find out how much money you could be saving? Contact our team to find out more and ask about a free demo.

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