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About Fedex

FedEx is a multi-national postal solutions provider headquartered in Tennessee, United States. FedEx was founded fifty years ago and has grown into one of the world’s most extensive transportation and delivery corporations. They are in the top 10 contractors to the United States government regarding the scale of activity and spending.

In the year 2020, FedEx had over 600,000 employees globally and revenue of nearly $70 billion per annum. Over the last ten years, they have successfully bought out many smaller firms including TNT Express, as they looked to expand into Europe and P2P Mailing. Because of their unrivalled infrastructure and a network spanning the entire globe they can deliver from anywhere to anywhere. The company prides itself on innovation. FedEx was one of the pioneering companies to use technology to track the delivery of items. They now have a comprehensive GPS online ordering and delivery tracking system accessible via desktop or mobile device.

Fedex Connection

For a fee, FedEx customers can use FedEx web services. This allows companies to establish a collection of programming technologies to build customised solutions for application integration between your website and the FedEx platforms. This API courier management software is costly, especially as it will often require individualised support from a developer to set up for many companies. API integration does offer a host of benefits for companies - so what are the options for those priced out of costly upgrades?

The answer is Courier API. We offer a comprehensive API integration with FedEx link to your business. You can even choose from presets, such as Next Day Delivery. But we don’t stop there - we also provide connectivity with over 40 other courier services including Royal Mail, Hermes, DHL and Yodel.

Once you have signed up with us, you can access our centralised interface that gives access to all of the major postal carriers to pick whichever service you want. Find the best price quotes for individual packages in seconds. But our service doesn’t stop there! Additional functionality allows you to create customisable shipping labels from one form for multiple couriers, monitor returns, track shipments and generate smart invoices and reports.


Fedex Integration

The best news is Courier API improves the safety and security of your FedEx integration. How? All your customer and company data is fully encrypted to AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard), which is the current industry standard in data security.

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