Furdeco Intégration


About Furdeco

With over 30 years of combined home delivery, IT, and customer service experience, Furdeco is regarded for being dependable, reputable, and scalable. Furdeco is a leading provider of two-person home delivery solutions that provides a cost-effective, comprehensive solution for your large ticket delivery and fulfilment needs.

If Furdeco is one of the couriers your business is working with, and you are benefiting from the one-stop-solution for all your white glove delivery and fulfilment requirements, don't worry about connecting this platform with your other courier services providers.

Do you want to be in front of a competitive market? Do you want to maximise your customer satisfaction and speed of delivery? Despatch Cloud provides you with an affordable integration with all of the major courier services that connect to your existing systems. Connect with us right now to take advantage of our bundle of offerings:

• Unified tracking across multiple channels,

• Customisable label generation,

• World-class business and customer security,

• Save time and money.

Many eCommerce businesses have already started their journey with us. Now it is your turn, what are you waiting for?

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