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About OnLogistics

OnLogistics is a specialist logistics and carrier operator, focussing on the aerospace, defence and engineering sectors. Being specialists in their field, they have significant experience and expertise in delivering cross-border products and wholesale items to retailers and on behalf of other commercial operators.

Headquartered in the West Midlands, UK – close to Birmingham airport - OnLogistics has built a reputation for speed and efficient service which goes beyond a simple courier provider.

The service OnLogistics offers is holistic, encompassing carrier solutions, logistics and warehousing and supply chain management. All built upon the company’s near-two-decade expertise in managing specialist commercial freight.

OnLogistics Connection

OnLogistics employs thirty-four full time staff members and partners with a range of trusted front-line courier delivery companies. Led by Managing Director Nick Bennett and Chairman Digby Jones, the company is committed to delivery the highest quality logistics management solutions in its sector.

Despatch Cloud can revolutionise your relationship with OnLogistics. Many companies may prefer to use a more conventional carrier for non-specialist shipping alongside OnLogistics. To do so without investing in costly API development can mean lags in your online systems and concerns about data security. Despatch Cloud solves this problem by seamlessly integrating with over forty international carriers, including Royal Mail, Hermes, DNT and many others.

For those considering their services, OnLogistics offer free logistics consultation services for new businesses.


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