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About Samos

Samos was founded in 2018 and has built up a reputation as an innovative eCommerce delivery provider. Samos provides parcel and package delivery across Europe and other growing markets including Russia and Israel.

Headquartered in London and led by founder and CEO Ben Bagnulo, Samos is a small but rapidly growing enterprise focussed on providing delivery solutions to the rapidly growing online B2C market.Concentrating on providing a premium customer experience and offering sustainable delivery options, Samos is a bespoke service perfect for eCommerce businesses looking for a personalised and local-centric solution.

Samos Connection

One of Samos’ unique selling points is their fully customisable tracking options. The functions allow you to not only have tracking alerts addressed to your customers by name, but updates arrive complete with your company’s branding. This gives you identical brand communication to that on your online channels and website. Customers will also receive an image of the product they ordered.

Samos offer a free consultation service where they can provide advice and support to those new to the eCommerce space.


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