Tuffnells Intégration


About Tuffnells

Tuffnells is a historic name in UK parcel delivery. Founded by Harold Tuffnell over 100 years ago in 1914, Tuffnells has grown into a world-class postal solutions company. They have gone through many iterations in their long history, but Tuffnells was bought in the year 2000 Palm Bidco Limited and is currently independently owned.

Tuffnells prides itself on its sustained investment in technology. Delivering over 25 million packages and parcel items each year, they know that to stay ahead they have to be ahead of the curve. Tuffnells has an ePOD system which gives customers 24-hour access to their delivery status and proof of delivery. Thanks to the scanning technology Tuffnells deploys, deliveries can be followed using the MyTuffnells account in real-time. Your company can even access information such as on-site photographs and check whether consignments have been signed for appropriately. This level of transparency is industry-leading and sets Tuffnells apart from many of their competitors.

Tuffnells Connection

Tuffnells does allow for limited integration between your company systems and their servers. They encourage the use of TXT or CSV files which contain all the consignment information your eCommerce business would manually enter into their despatch software. This file can then be automatically imported. However, meaningful real-time integration must be developed using API integration. This needs a developer’s assistance to create and must be calibrated for your company individually. Many businesses hesitate to invest in this - despite the appreciable benefits - because of the cost and time it takes to develop.

Courier API is the solution. We help fulfilment specialists, SMEs and others in the eCommerce sector to maximise their courier partnership potential using one simple REST API software. Brought to you by multi-channel warehouse management specialists, Despatch Cloud, we designed Courier API to use in our own warehouses and we were soon overwhelmed with requests from our eCommerce customers keen to try it for themselves. And we don’t blame them, our scalable and robust technology - including a complete failover system - makes Courier API a critical tool for your business.


Tuffnells Integration

Why does API integration matter? Put simply - it saves you time, money and radically reduces costly errors like incorrect address formatting. With Courier API you can choose from any of the postal carriers currently operating (we have over 40 integrations and add more each month) and whichever has the best price and service - you can use! It’s all seamlessly integrated with your systems so you never need to worry about inventory levels or erratic paper trails. Everything is stored and accessed centrally from our intuitive interface. You can even generate commercial invoices and create reports to analyse your delivery data.

We know what you’re thinking, sounds expensive. Wrong! We have price plans to suit every budget, and we even offer a free demo with 100 free mails to get you started. Contact us today and start your journey to more efficient delivery solutions.

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