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About UPS

UPS, or United Parcel Service, is an American postal delivery and courier transportation company. Established in 1907 in Seattle, Washington as the American Messenger Company by James E. Casey, UPS has a long and proud history of delivering supply chain and logistics services across the US and multinationally. UPS was the first private company to guarantee deliveries to every address in the continental United States. It now employs nearly 500,000 staff and revenue of $71 billion annually.

Subsidiaries of UPS include; the Nightline Group, Marken, UPS Professional Solutions and UPS i-parcel. UPS offers courier express services, freight forwarding and national and international logistics solutions. Now headquartered in Georgia, UPS specialises in wholesale delivery management. UPS have a good record of encouraging green and sustainable business practices. They were one of the first major courier services to invest in alternative fuel vehicles and have won awards for leadership in clean air and efforts to minimise environmental impact.

UPS Connection

UPS remains a popular choice for private and commercial postal delivery services in the US and has a broad presence in Europe and Asia. Many eCommerce businesses use UPS for international delivery, importing both into and out of the US. They have a good track record for reliability and with an extensive infrastructure can provide a range of economy and express package delivery options.

UPS API connection can speed up your business processes and provide better functionality for your company’s order and dispatch systems. However, without an individualised integration, which needs a developer to create, this is difficult to achieve. With so many couriers operating, the ideal for eCommerce business is to pick and choose from available service providers based on weight, location and cost-benefit analysis. Integrating with your broader systems makes this difficult to achieve within a reasonable budget and time-frame.


UPS Integration

So what is the solution to securing UPS connection that works for your eCommerce enterprise? Courier API. We provide online businesses with a cost-effective way to centralise their shipping APIs. Our team of experienced developers has created software that allows our customers to access all the primary national and international transport and logistics services.

We make UPS integration simple and affordable. Your company can benefit from extensive shipping functionality with UPS as well as with many other shipping software providers. Our REST API integration is compatible with Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, Norsk and many others. Courier API’s functions include automated label generation, including for international deliveries, which is compatible with all the major label sizes. You can track shipments and source quotations from different carriers including UPS – all from one interface.

We are currently offering a free demo including 100 free shipments for new customers. Contact us today and find out more.

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