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InXpress solution and services

InXpress was founded in Rochdale in 1999 and operates a franchise business model. Since then, the company has grown exponentially and expanded internationally. Today they have over 100 franchised UK offices and over 300 depots worldwide serving over 30,000 customers. One of InXpress’ main selling points is that it offers access to multiple carriers such as DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx and eCommerce courier specialists such as DHL Parcel UK and Whistl. This gives clients price flexibility and reliable delivery options.

This mail delivery provider has local offices providing locally-tailored customer support and service when you need it most, meaning you never need to call the InXpress carrier direct via a centralised call centre.

Multiple carriers are available on the invoice with InXpress, with access to an award-winning shipping software platform to give live prices and mail options for clients, as well as a fully-integrated consignment tracking technology. InXpress offers Import and Export options from a one-page document to a sea container. Because of their ability to secure low prices for clients, InXpress has become a go-to choice for many eCommerce businesses.

Consolidated tracking: the InXpress solution

While InXpress’ franchise business model and devolved carrier access mean that you can source affordable delivery prices for your clients, many eCommerce stores may still prefer to use InXpress in conjunction with other courier services. Unfortunately, consolidating InXpress tracking system with other mail delivery solutions such as Hermes, Royal Mail, or The Delivery Group can pose a technical challenge.

Usually, this is because API integration with your business website and channels needs to be developed for each carrier individually. This can quickly turn into a significant – and expensive job – and can make companies think twice about switching between delivery and logistics companies. It also means eCommerce businesses may choose to keep their order and delivery systems offline in order to avoid investing in expensive integration, which can slow down operations and reduce your ability to respond to customer and market demands.

Courier API has been developed to address this issue and make it easy to access the InXpress tracking system via one courier management system designed with a centralised interface so that you can view data across multiple carriers. Our straightforward API provides the one-stop-shop for your shipping software needs – so you can say goodbye to costly integration development. We don’t tie our customers to lengthy contracts, simply pay monthly for our service – and you can cancel instantly with no additional costs.

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InXpress Connection with Courier API

Integration service is just one of the functions that Courier API provides. Our modern API was designed to solve an in-house problem. Still, we quickly realised the implication for eCommerce retailers around Europe who were struggling to sync their systems with multiple carriers. Since then we have gone on to develop a range of accessible tools and features that provide value to customer-focused businesses keen to sharpen their shipment processes and ensure they get the best value for money on every consignment.

We offer a range of functionality that can make InXpress software integrate not just with your systems but adapt to those provided by other mail providers. Courier API customers can access a comprehensive user interface that allows users to find, analyse and download courier log files for all Courier API requests. We provide multi-label generation options, all of the standard sizes are available as well as international destinations and including the ability to customise to your requirements. Additionally, there is intelligent address formatting which verifies accuracy before label generation to ensure your packages go to the correct destination. We also have high levels of data security with all data fully encrypted using world-class AES-256 as well as multi-factor authentication in line with the recommendations of cybersecurity experts.

Many of our customers appreciate standalone Courier API services. Still, we can also offer so much more for eCommerce business owners, including marketplace integration and setting up warehouse and inventory management systems that integrate with your API. Find out why over 40 million labels have already been printed with Courier API by our clients today – sign up for a free demo or contact one of our team to find out how we can help your business grow.

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