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Amazon Shipping

About Amazon Shipping

Amazon is a global powerhouse in the online retail space, but their services are so much more than just a marketplace. They also run one of the fastest-growing courier services in the UK, ensuring that Amazon customers receive their products from third-party vendors. Given their dominance in the sector, it is no surprise that Amazon Shipping is one of the most popular integrations used by eCommerce companies. What sets Amazon Shipping apart is that they rival the universal service offered by Royal Mail, offering one price for deliveries wherever the destination in the UK. Not only that but their guaranteed next day service, seven days a week with weekend collections available means they have one of the most flexible delivery options for customers.

Just like with their online shopping, Amazon Shipping has some of the best prices on the market for courier and delivery services over 2kg with £100 maximum contents insurance included as standard.

Amazon Shipping Connection

Thousands of eCommerce businesses use Amazon Shipping. A growing proportion of UK companies choose to sell on Amazon and other marketplaces, such as Etsy and eBay exclusively. However, the majority sell via their business platforms – using their proprietary websites and social media accounts – to boost the reach of their products. Unfortunately, connecting external courier software to your website can be a real challenge, especially for small businesses.

Carriers like Amazon Shipping have their own courier management software known as APIs which enable data responses between Amazon and your website. Unfortunately, securing multiple shipping software with your website can be both costly and time-consuming. While API technology allows your website to ‘talk’ directly with another company’s platform – Amazon Shipping API is only designed for one integration. That means that for eCommerce retailers who need to use more than one carrier (Amazon Shipping for their sales on Amazon and Hermes via their individual company website, for example) they need further API integration. In fact, many companies which don’t have technical expertise in-house will need to hire a web developer to build integration with each shipping service website they use. The cost can quickly run into thousands of pounds, restricting your flexibility to swap couriers when you wish to do so.

Amazon Shipping

Amazon Shipping Integration

At Courier API, we have designed a Shipping API that works to integrate couriers for eCommerce businesses. Our aim was to create a software that would allow our customers to access all the UK’s primary national and international transport and logistics services – and we have done just that.

Our state of the art API provides a fully comprehensive Amazon Shipping management software that integrates with over forty other UK carriers. Courier API is a developer-friendly API with a REST API-based system that enables eCommerce stores to quickly and easily incorporate dozens of shipping channels to your website hassle-free.

Why choose Courier API for Amazon Shipping link?

The first reason has to be cost. Many of our customers have been quoted thousands by developers to build standalone solutions for one carrier. Courier API provides integration for dozens of company’s shipping software at a fraction of the price.

Secondly, there’s convenience. We know that for eCommerce businesses, your focus should be on your customers. Our service allows for seamless shipping functionality without the headache of assimilating complicated carrier APIs into your company’s processes and systems. Courier API has saved our customers hundreds of hours in development time with the security of knowing that our expert team of developers is on hand to provide instant support and maintenance of your carrier integration.

Finally, there’s service. The automation potential from using Courier API speaks for itself. From fully customisable labels to courier and customer data security using industry-leading AES-256 encryption to the flexibility to instantly swap couriers without interfering with your back-office work systems; Courier API does it all and more. But don’t take our word for it - we provide a free demo to allow you to experience what Courier API can do for your web sales and delivery processes. Contact us today to speak to one of our staff to find out how we can provide the shipping solutions for your Amazon Shipping integration and beyond.

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