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Established in 2011, The Delivery Group is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mail, eCommerce and parcel delivery solutions. Known for securing excellent rates due to significant spending power, The Delivery Group have great options for international mail and specialise in distribution.

The Delivery Group has a combined annual turnover of over £250 million, a current base of almost 500 employees as well as eight national locations and an infrastructure that can handle over a billion items per year. The business has 160 fully-trackable vehicles and collection times bespoke to the needs of clients. The firm has regional depots in Warrington (where the company is also headquartered), Luton, Kent, London and Bristol making them a popular choice for those looking to send parcels via a carrier with local knowledge in the South East and South West of the UK, as well as internationally.

Offering automated sortation, route optimisation and bespoke tracking solutions and recently having taken over the mail delivery company ONEPOST in 2019 – it is no wonder The Delivery Group has become an increasingly popular choice for online stores across the UK. The Delivery Group tracking system has a good reputation for accuracy and responsiveness by customers keen to ensure that deliveries arrive on time.

The Delivery Group link to your website

While many eCommerce companies are turning to The Delivery Group as a specialist mail distribution partner, managing shipping software is an increasing burden for online retailers. Establishing multiple carriers with linkages to your website via shipping API can be time-consuming and expensive. eShops want to be able to benefit from the services of different courier and logistics companies whenever possible, as so many companies have a particular specialism or price point that may only be viable for a fraction of your business. For example, using Royal Mail for standard delivery, The Delivery Group for London hand delivery services and DPD for international packages. To remain competitive, your company may wish to change quickly from one courier to another – such as if a postal delivery service suddenly lowers or increases their prices, or if service standards decline.

Unfortunately, this kind of rapid business realignment can be seriously hampered if you require a developer to build API integration to ensure The Delivery Group software is compatible with your existing system. This process quickly becomes costly if you intend on switching between a range of carriers to secure the best services and prices. Our customers tell us that they want to access The Delivery Group tracking portal and price quoting pages centrally alongside another postal solution service, but establishing this synchronisation is complex for many small businesses.


Why choose Courier API for The Delivery Group connection

Courier API is a sophisticated but easy to use solution for companies looking for carrier integration. Our shipping API designed by developers provides unified integration for your business so you can switch to one of over forty UK carrier and postal service providers at the touch of a button. Say goodbye to extended development time waits and costly customised API specialist integration – our courier management software is a fully supported REST API based system.

What Courier API offers is the opportunity to streamline and centralise your order and deliver services across multiple carriers. But the system also has a number of functions designed to improve the efficiency and security of your eCommerce business. Firstly, by using encryption on data in transit and at rest via AES256 encryption technology and data centres that are ISO 27001-certified, plus servers certified on multiple international standards, including SOC 1, Type II, SOC 2 Type II, ISO/IEC 27001, and PCI-DSS – your business can be guaranteed that your customers’ private data is secure.

But we also provide automation which can really improve your customer service and average speed of getting consignments to customers. For example, we have label generation and intelligent address formatting that integrates with The Delivery Group and dozens of other carriers, so you don’t need to waste time signing into different courier platforms but can manage your deliveries from our centralised interface.

Contact us today to find out why over 40 million labels have been printed by Courier API and what our innovative shipping functionality can do for your business.

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