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Now Fulfilment

About Now Fulfilment

Now Fulfilment is a UK-based multi-carrier postal and logistics solutions provider. With headquarters in Sunderland, north-east England, Now FulFilment has developed partnerships with the UK’s top couriers to provide quick and affordable package shipping for eCommerce companies, both in the UK and internationally.

Since its founding in 2014, NowFulfilment has become best known for multi-channel online management software which allows eCommerce customers to compare prices online and choose from a wide range of delivery options, including same and next day delivery.

Now Fulfilment Connection

With Courier API, eCommerce shops can create meaningful NowFulfilment integration with your own channels and website. Our developer-friendly REST API provides a unique online hardware-free service which avoids costly development integrations. You can choose from Now Fulfilment and all of the UK’s other major courier services. Our interface allows you to log in and view delivery information, compare prices and print labels centrally. Your online operations become fully automated and easy to track and manage.

Contact us today and find out why over 4 million labels have already been printed by online retailers using Courier API.

We offer full protection and encryption of you and your customer’s data as standard. We provide a multi-step authorisation and credentials system and have industry-leading AES256 encryption technology. Additionally, we only use reliable ISO 27001 certified data centres. We offer a complete failover system as well as a UK-based support and developer team to ensure reliable uptime and to provide troubleshooting support whenever you need it. In short, we provide one of the most comprehensive online safety portfolios currently on the market.

Now Fulfilment
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