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About P2P software and services

P2P has been owned by FedEx since 2016 and is soon to be rebranded as FedEx Cross Border. P2P, founded in the UK in 2009, specialises as a cross-border carrier with a particular focus on eCommerce clients. With UK headquarters in Essex, the company offers a world-class international eCommerce product called ‘Trak Pak’ which gives access to mail and logistics services in over 220 countries, inclusive of local language notifications to recipients via telephone and email.

Because they are managed locally, despite their global reach, P2P is trusted by many eCommerce shops to provide fulfilment services for clients with a range of technical support to ensure consignments arrive on time wherever they are in the world. P2P has online tracking and supply specific delivery timeframes communicated online directly to recipients.

Many eCommerce platforms are attracted to P2P for shipments to the USA, leveraging the FedEx ownership that has enabled P2P to become one of the leading brands in the UK for USA-destined consignment services. P2P handle more than 16.5 million packages every year, with their understanding of cross-border customs processes of great value to clients and businesses around the UK and beyond.

P2P Integration – making it work for your eCommerce business

Integrating P2P with your business systems may be simple, but developing a multiple courier management software that can collaborate with a range of postal delivery service providers can be problematic for many eCommerce businesses. Developing integration when you want to use P2P solutions alongside other logistics and shipment companies can be intensely laborious and requires the assistance of web developers. It can also be costly – reducing your ability to make a profit and adjust your service providers when it matters most.

Consolidated tracking is a big plus for eCommerce businesses, but unfortunately using multiple carriers means your company is forced to manage and log into separate platforms and manage your company service suppliers independently. The extra administrative burden can be painful and time-consuming, which sometimes leads eShops to resort to handling their shipment information offline to avoid the over-complication. Aligning P2P tracking system with other couriers is of immense value to eCommerce – but doing so affordably has been almost impossible until now.

That’s where Courier API comes in. We have developed a modern and simple to use API that provides total integration and management service for your shipping software needs. P2P API aligns with many of the UK’s top couriers via Courier API including Hermes, Royal Mail, TNT, DHL and dozens of others at the touch of a button.

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The benefits of P2P Link with Courier API

Integration is the name of the game in eCommerce – and no wonder. Establishing smart and robust systems affects your profitability and makes the difference between keeping up with your competitors or being left behind. Courier API has integrated over 44 – and more are being added every month – of the UK’s postal management providers. To date, our clients have printed over 40 million labels using our innovative software.

We offer tools to streamline your shipping functionality. Multi-label options can be printed via our label editor powered with HTML and CSS or using a simple company logo and a message. All labels are available in a range of standardised sizes including S17, S19, 6x4 and 8x4, which can be customised to meet your needs. Generate labels with API requests, our single-format REST API integration means you can create labels for all couriers centrally. Plus, our intelligent address formatting software means you can relax knowing that incorrect address inputs won’t hamper your deliveries – whether domestic or international. All your customer and carrier data is encrypted using the latest technology, including world-beating AES-256 encryption.

Contact our team of dedicated developers to find out how we can fine-tune your shipping software and customise your tracking. Courier API doesn’t have costly long-term contracts, pay for our service as long as you want it with our monthly payment options. You can even sign up for a free demo to see if our software is of value to your business before you buy. Don’t see a courier that you use in our integration list? Let us know, we are adding new carriers all the time and are happy to speed up particular integrations that are priorities for our customers.

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