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About PDC Logistics

PDC Logistics is a transportation, fulfilment and warehousing operator, based in Livermore, California. Led by co-founder and President Jere Van Puffelen – PDC Logistics is a family business grounded in the San Francisco - Bay Area region which they primarily serve.

Centred around Northern California, PDC Logistics has hubs in Sacramento, Stockton, and Hayward – with multiple warehousing options in Stockton. While at heart a regional company, PDC offers carrier and shipment services across the continental United States via their in-house fleet.

With unparalleled local knowledge and a dedication to personalised service, PDC could be the perfect partner for eCommerce businesses looking for a reliable partner to reach the enormous California market. While a small operation, PDC Logistics has numerous affiliations including with Allied Distribution and The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). Their interconnectedness with the broader logistics sector allows them to leverage deals for their clients with third parties.

PDC Logistics Connection

PDC Logistics provide industry-leading warehouse management integration, for those looking for fulfilment and delivery options. They provide a customisable portal for clients enabling real-time tracking and management of deliveries and other services.

For businesses looking to partner with PDC Logistics, paying for additional development to secure integration with your systems could be a blockage. Time and again, small businesses are prevented from picking and choosing the best carriers for their needs by concerns over API integration. Despatch Cloud solves that problem by seamlessly integrating with over forty couriers and postal delivery solutions providers – including PDC Logistics, FedEx, DHL and many more.

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PDC Logistics

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