About is an independent subsidiary of UPS and USPS. An American company, founded in 1996 and currently headquartered in California, is very popular with the American eCommerce market. The company was one of the first internet-based postage companies and thanks to an effective online marketing campaign have become of the best-known brands both in America and internationally.’s principal service is to allow customers to download and print US mail stamps and postage information. The idea is to remove the need for visits to the US Post Office. With this service, customers can send letters, parcels and invoices via the USPS service either nationally (within the US) or internationally. Account-holders receive a digital scale to allow packets and parcels to be weighed to appraise the correct postage for each item. Customers pay a monthly subscription of $17.99 for access to their website and mobile application and certain online discounts are available. New customers can access a free one-month trial, with $5 free postage. Additionally, now owns UK-based company MetaPack which specialises in delivery management technology for eCommerce retailers and brands. Connection

Many businesses with a presence in the US market use to facilitate their eCommerce deliveries. Unfortunately, without integration, your systems will not be able to swap between and other postal solutions companies quickly unless you invest in individual customised integration. So what’s the solution?

Courier API. We allow eCommerce companies to connect to over forty courier and postal companies including We create seamless link to your business systems. Once you have your account credentials and integration you’re ready to go and you can oversee your entire delivery portfolio centrally and pick prices based on weight, location and delivery time.

Our modern REST API technology is state of the art, it includes intelligent address formatting, automated commercial invoice generation, unified API tracking from despatch to delivery and our team of experienced developers on hand to provide round-the-clock advice and support.

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