Easy Post Alternative

Looking for a simple, supported shipping management system? You could opt for EasyPost, however, you should compare EasyPost and Courier API on services provided and cost before making a decision.

An Effective EasyPost Alternative

Simple intergration with over 52 national and international couriers readily available.

CR Transport
Deliver 360
Deliver 365
Despatch Cloud
Deutsche Post
DHL Global Mail
DHL Parcel NL
DHL Warenpost
DHL Parcel UK
DPD Ireland
DPD Local

Courier API for Customer Delight

The ability to control cost by easily switching between couriers is a critical advantage for your business. With Courier API, we can provide that advantage at cost, which is likely to give you a cost advantage as well. Not just limited to printing labels, we link up courier tracking services to enhance your customers' experience.

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Courier API for Customer Delight
Security Mask

Robust System and Resilient Security


Anyone comparing alternatives to EasyPost need to consider the reliability of the systems. Courier API is designed to be mission-critical with up-to-date technology and complete failover, so if the primary system fails we automatically switch to a back up on a different server in a different data centre. And on the topic of data centres, we only use ISO27001 certified ones to keep our obligations on data security under GDPR.

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EasyPost Comparison with Courier API

With robust and secure technology, Courier API has a rich set of features to support your business. On the other hand, with a similar set of core features, a sensible and careful company is going to compare on price. We have a clear, open and transparent pricing structure with no hidden nasty surprises. You can see on our pricing page how this works.

If you are looking for an alterative to EasyPost and want to compare EasyPost with Courier API, come and talk to our experts who can provide you with all the information required to compare EasyPost with Courier API and demo the features of Courier API.

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Schauen Sie sich an, was Leute, die Courier API vertrauen, über uns sagen.

“Courier API war ein einfacher Weg, um mehrere Integrationen zu erhalten, und hat unserem Unternehmen ein Vermögen beim Erhalten der Integrationen mit den Kurieren, die wir benötigen. „Die Kurier-API hat unserem Unternehmen ein Vermögen gespart, die Integration mit den Kurieren zu erreichen, die wir benötigen. Er erleichtert den Tausch erheblich, wenn bessere Preise eingehen.”

Yasemin Serbest

Maia’s Company Ltd

“Courier API has been a complete solution for us and provides the flexibility which we demand to meet our objectives... Working with the Courier API team has been a positive experience for us. ”



“Courier API has been a cornerstone of our access to the post and couriers we use. As far the needs we have for Shipping Management Software it has been effective and the efficiency from the reduced API support we require. Switching between couriers now takes seconds. Good solution and one we have found reliable. ”


Total Fulfilment

“Using over 5 different couriers and always seeking the best deals on price and service, courier API is ideal for our business. Simple and effective and excellent support.”

YTC Limited