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DHL Parcel UK is the trading name and subsidiary of DHL. DHL Parcel UK was formerly known as UK Mail which itself came out of a company called Business Post and operates across the UK. As UK Mail, DHL Parcel UK was one of the first competitors to Royal Mail to establish itself as a significant player in the collection and distribution of post in the UK after the government finalised the deregulation of the postal service in 2006, opening up the market to new operators.

Because they are part of DHL, a massive player in the courier and logistics market globally, DHL Parcel UK is able to offer highly competitive tariffs for international traffic. Their relatively low prices for international deliveries makes them a popular choice for UK eCommerce clients with a global customer base. Additionally, DHL Parcel UK offers a range of services including traditional package and packet deliveries, hybrid mail tools to improve the speed of commercial shipping for customers as well as a wide range of marketing tools.

Like many of their competitors, DHL Parcel UK offers bespoke services to facilitate flexible and customisable delivery platforms. These include offering email and text notifications on the delivery status for package recipients and senders as well as ‘in-flight’ changes which can be made after a package has been shipped.

DHL Parcel UK Integration

DHL Parcel UK is the go-to courier for many eCommerce stores, particularly those shipping internationally. Their low prices and reliable service is attractive for those aiming to offer seamless delivery options for clients wherever they are in the world. However, with such a rich market of carriers, many offering specialist services – it is no surprise that online retailers want to be able to benefit from a range of postal and transportation providers to guarantee low prices for customers and keep delivery costs down.

Unfortunately, the ability to effortlessly shift between carriers is limited for many online businesses. The reason for this is AFI integration. AFI stands for Application Programming Interface and is part of the server that receives requests and sends responses between your website and those of other channels. While many couriers will offer their own AFI courier management software, this limits interaction between your website and their platform. To switch to a new courier, many eCommerce shops find themselves having to employ the services of a web developer. Developers need to look at the API of the carrier and build a customised integration, and it’s no easy task. The process can take months and cost thousands in costs. For this reason, many small businesses opt to stick with one standard delivery service and miss out of the competitiveness of using different carriers, benefit from limited-time offers and adjust their preferred courier depending on the sale and customer requirements.

DHL Parcel UK

Securing a DHL Parcel UK link for your business

Courier API, as the name suggests, provides a modern API solution for your shipping software integration. We want SMEs, microbusiness and other eCommerce retailers to be able to maximise their effectiveness and profits which is why we designed a simple API integration which works with all of the UK’s well-known carriers including DHL Parcel UK, DPD, Hermes, Royal Mail and many of the other leading names in shipping solutions.

We created Courier API to solve a problem that we were experiencing in-house – an inability to integrate couriers like DHL Parcel UK to our warehouse solution. We wanted DHL Parcel UK tracking and DHL Parcel UK price quoting to be synced with our centralised system. Still, our team of experienced developers was forced to admit that doing so would require individual development integration. We quickly realised this was a problem across the sector and got to work creating a universal API!

Why DHL Parcel UK Connection matters

It may sound simple, but Courier API is about far more than saving time in web software development for your website. Our services can help to streamline your DHL Parcel UK courier management software for the lifetime of your business.

We provide automated label generation, including for international deliveries, which is compatible with all the major label sizes. Courier API also allows you to track shipments and source quotations from different carriers including DHL Parcel UK – all from one interface. Finally, Courier API is crammed full of additional business benefits such as data encryption and a comprehensive user interface that allows users to find, analyse and download courier log files in seconds. We are adding new carriers every month, so let us know if you don’t see your transport delivery provider on our list as it is likely coming soon!

Interested, but not sure if you are ready to commit? We have a free demo available – contact us for a no-obligation run through what Courier API can do for your online business today.

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