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About GFS Deliver

GFS Deliver, also known as GFS Direct, is an expert in carrier management services. Established in 2001 and delivering over twenty million packages and parcels annually, GFS is one of the fastest-growing multiple-carrier providers in the eCommerce market.

Led by CEO Neil Cotty, GFS Deliver offers carrier management software that allows customers to manage their orders and delivery notifications as the touch of a button.

Headquartered in Berkshire, UK – GFS Deliver offers a range of services to make it easy and cost-effective to get your products to customers. They offer a dedicated account manager for each client, meaning you will always have in-person support.

GFS Deliver Connection

The company prides itself on delivering innovative technological solutions and being industry-leading in multiple-carrier delivery. GFS Deliver works with over 1,000 couriers worldwide which gives them both incredible reach and the ability to provide value-for-money delivery options.

There are a range of services available for eCommerce retailers. GFS Deliver offers both national and international delivery options. They can offer fantastic rates thanks to their bulk-buying power. Additionally, the company offers operational support including customs advice, online and offline tracking as well as capacity and contingency planning services.

For those looking to minimise their carrier relationships and pick strategically, GFS Deliver is a fantastic partner. They provide integration with hundreds of carriers meaning you can guarantee to be able to find the best deal for your deliveries.

GFS Deliver

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