TNT Integration


TNT Express solution and background

TNT is owned by FedEx and is one of the biggest Express networks in Europe. They ship consignments of all sizes, from documents to pallets, specialising in cross-border speed and efficiency. The company is currently one of the only Express couriers to offer an Economy service for Import and Export to and from the Far East making them hugely popular for eCommerce imports from China. For this reason, the company has developed a speciality in support eCommerce operators across Europe.

Headquartered in the Netherlands and founded in 2011, TNT Express’ distinctive branding and affordable international rates have quickly made them a household name. Offering time-sensitive 9 am,10 am and 12 pm shipment options throughout Europe is a popular service for those wishing to secure prompt pick up and delivery times for customers. While specialists in freight and cross-border logistics as well as offering special services available on their own aircraft network for oversized shipments – TNT Express have dozens of depots around the UK – including on the Isle of Man and the highlands of Scotland making them the carrier of choice for those looking for a distributor with reliable infrastructure for local deliveries.

Many customers are attracted to TNT Express thanks to their modern courier management software which allows clients to track shipments online and easily import, export and return shipments either via the TNT website or mobile application.

Struggling with TNT Express integration

Despite TNT Express being so easy to use, it can be both incredibly taxing and expensive to integrate it with your website and marketplace channels. Once you have established one shipping API with your systems, integrating another usually involves the work of a developer to manage. The lead time can be several months, and the bill can be in the thousands of pounds.

This is simply impractical for many eCommerce retailers, leading them to rely on offline-systems in order to use multiple carriers and affecting delivery lead-in times and the effectiveness of automated systems.

To get TNT Express link with your website hassle-free alongside many of the other mail delivery solutions providers such as FedEx, Royal Mail, Hermes, Yodel and many others can be achieved using Courier API.


Finding a TNT Express connection that works for your business

Courier API was created for developers, by developers. Our software was initially designed to solve an in-house problem. The shipping solution we provide solved our integration problem between our carriers and warehouse system – and we realised that if it worked for us, it would work for the tens of thousands of eShops around the UK and Europe.

We never expected to take off the way it has – we have thousands of customers and over 40 million labels printed to date via our interface.

The future of TNT Express API

We could wax lyrical about our product, but we prefer to let our customers do the talking. Yasemin Serbest from Maia’s Company Ltd says “Courier API has been an easy way to get multiple integrations and has saved our company a fortune in getting the integrations with the couriers we need. Makes it much easier to swap when better prices come in.”

Yasemin is just one of the thousands of customers we have helped to improve their systems and increase profitability using our modern and straightforward API software. So why the big fuss? For us – Courier API is all about functionality. Our integration enables clients to revolutionise the way order tracking instantly, processes and deliveries take place.

We offer world-beating infrastructure that can’t be beaten. Security is our number one priority which is why we use server providers certified on multiple international standards, including SOC 1, Type II, SOC 2 Type II, ISO/IEC 27001, and PCI-DSS. It’s why we have invested in advanced storage and archiving features for the server structures we use, so your company doesn’t need to worry about business-critical data being lost or stolen. But the exciting stuff is really in our tools – from label generation to intelligent address formatting, you never need to panic about a wrong address or failed inputs. But don’t take our word for it – find out for yourself how our market-leading shipping software can improve your TNT Express tracking system and allow your company to take advantage of every major courier service on the market.

Contact us today for a free demo and to find out more about our product. Our pricing is fully transparent, and we have a highly-skilled team of developers ready to answer all your questions and create a shipping integration solution that works for you.

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