Urb-it Integration


About Urb-it

Urb-it is a revolutionary courier – and we don’t use that word lightly. Founded in Sweden with an ambitious aim – to change the way deliveries work in cities and other urban areas. Like other major couriers and postal delivery providers, they guarantee to get your parcel from A to B. However, their service has a major twist – their couriers only travel by foot, on a push bike or via public transport.

Since 2014, the 1,500 Urbers (the company’s name for their delivery couriers) have been delivering their innovative brand of carrier transportation. And it seems to be working! Now established in three European cities – London, Paris and Stockholm – the company employs thirty full time staff and has hundreds of corporate and commercial clients, including Media Mart and Interflora. Urb-it offers a fully flexible, payment solution for remote payments which is popular particularly with smaller independent businesses.

Urb-it Connection

It’s refreshing to see a company try to overcome the pollution problems that plague many of our cities by trying a new way of working. Cycling couriers have been a popular sight around many cities for decades. But Urb-it takes it further by guaranteeing a low-carbon delivery within their delivery areas. Led by CEO Kevin Kviblad, Urb-it targets eCommerce and other retailers with an environmentally friendly service suitable for urban clients.

Despatch Cloud provides full integration with Urb-it if you are looking to reduce the carbon emissions of your business. Whether you use the Urber app or consumer portal, you can ensure that the data you and your customers value is kept safe and secure. You can also integrate with many other carriers, so you can maintain your competitive edge and check prices each day comparing Urb-it with competitors without having to pay for multiple costly integrations. We integrate with over fifty carriers and add more each month!


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