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Couriers & Courier Resellers

No one makes it easier to access multiple carriers. Integrating with over 52 different couriers, our courier and reseller shipping software helps you streamline and automate your shipping service, ensuring a robust and reliable process for your clients. Maintain client satisfaction and loyalty with a shipping management system that you can rely on.

We Help Couriers & Courier Resellers
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Helping Courier Resellers Scale Through Intelligent Integrations

Courier API gives couriers and courier resellers the flexibility to scale and control their domestic and global shipping channels. With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, the courier industry has become incredibly competitive. Courier API offers state of the art technology which will give your courier or reseller company the technological advantage it needs. Our courier and reseller shipping software delivers the technology that will boost business efficiency, provide a better customer experience and ultimately drive performance.

From booking pickups, printing labels or tracking services - you can access the full suite of courier shipping services needed through the Courier API integration for courier resellers.

Helping courier resellers scale though intelligent integrations
Helping courier resellers scale though intelligent integrations
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Robust Courier Shipping Software Couriers Can Rely On

We know that this is mission critical for your business, and that is why we have resilience in depth. Our courier shipping software is capable of processing huge numbers of requests without failing. It features built in redundancy and a complete failover system to ensure continuity of service. So, you can be fully confident that your shipping service is in good hands with Courier API.

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Adding a New Courier?

We are experts in courier integrations, and we are adding more courier services all the time. We already integrate with many respected brand name couriers but feel free to come and talk to us if you need a courier service we don’t currently have, you may be pleasantly surprised by our rates and turn around time.

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UPS Hermes Royal Mail
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Channel Integrations for Couriers

Looking for integrations into channels and marketplaces? We can help here as well. We have experience with dozens of shopping carts and third party marketplaces, including eBay, Amazon and Shopify. You can easily integrate your courier or courier reseller business with any of the most popular third party marketplaces through our shipping API. We make it easy to find the best channel integrations for your business. Come and talk to us about our Channel API Solution and see how we can help your courier reseller company grow.

S17, S19, 6x4 & 8x4 labels supported

 Channel integrations for couriers

Häufig Gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

Haben Sie eine Frage zu unserer Versand-API, die nicht in unseren FAQs abgedeckt wird?

Häufig Gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

Haben Sie eine Frage zu unserer Versand-API, die nicht in unseren FAQs abgedeckt wird?

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Schauen Sie sich an, was Leute, die Courier API vertrauen, über uns sagen.

“Courier API war ein einfacher Weg, um mehrere Integrationen zu erhalten, und hat unserem Unternehmen ein Vermögen beim Erhalten der Integrationen mit den Kurieren, die wir benötigen. „Die Kurier-API hat unserem Unternehmen ein Vermögen gespart, die Integration mit den Kurieren zu erreichen, die wir benötigen. Er erleichtert den Tausch erheblich, wenn bessere Preise eingehen.”

Yasemin Serbest

Maia’s Company Ltd

“Courier API has been a complete solution for us and provides the flexibility which we demand to meet our objectives... Working with the Courier API team has been a positive experience for us. ”



“Courier API has been a cornerstone of our access to the post and couriers we use. As far the needs we have for Shipping Management Software it has been effective and the efficiency from the reduced API support we require. Switching between couriers now takes seconds. Good solution and one we have found reliable. ”


Total Fulfilment

“Using over 5 different couriers and always seeking the best deals on price and service, courier API is ideal for our business. Simple and effective and excellent support.”

YTC Limited